I have a startup with a travel industry web product. How do I get a conversation with airlines regarding partnering on tickets?

We're kind of like an online ticket seller, but need to talk to US based airlines - how do we get a conversation with them regrading ticketing distribution / partnering...


All of their websites have a "Corporate Contact" on them. Start there and begin identifying who the key players are who you think would see the potential in what you're offering them.

Reach out via sites like LinkedIn and establish a relationship and discuss your product and how it benefits them.

I'm happy to talk more, feel free to book a call here and we can talk details.


Answered 9 years ago

Kind of like an online ticket seller?

-I recommend that you review your company representation so people are clear on what you provide/sell
-Looks like you need to get your foot out there, make some calls and fix appointments.
-In this age where most information is available on the net, you are not able to find contact details of executive members of airlines? look for contracting managers, business development managers, distribution managers, sales managers etc...
- Clients meet last week X 3 = Clients needs to meet next week.

Good Luck..

Answered 9 years ago

Reaching to the right person is the key. So, identify the right contact and reach out to them via calls/mails. There are a lot of players in the market who could find you contact information of these key people, so take their help but the real challenge would be to convince them as what makes you different from others.
Good luck..

Answered 9 years ago

hi ,

if you want to sell airline tickets ,you need to take API indivdually , which is costly affair ,if you are an IATA agent you can get access to special fares sold on GDS ( amadeus/gallelio/sabre ) etc , however , for online , you need to take API from consolidators ( ex. expedia/travelocity )

to know more , pls call

Answered 7 years ago

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