I previously used Zirtual for a few months, and really loved it (but my cash flow was very limited so I had to cancel it). The company has since imploded, so I'm hesitant to hire them again. Do you have any recommendations for alternatives? I am looking for US-based, and higher quality (not just someone to book meetings but also someone who can do research, create spreadsheets, create letters based on a template but that need to be customized, etc). Any recommendations?

This is actually kind of a funny question to answer on Clarity. Not sure if you're aware, but we ( actually own Clarity, Launchrock, and of course, Zirtual!

Zirtual has an amazing product and great people. The company ran into problems around how it managed utilization of folks, which is common among highly staffed businesses.

There wasn't anything "broken" with Zirtual as a business, which is why we acquired it. It's a great company, just like Clarity which we also purchased this year.

If you have particular questions about the level of service or the company behind it, you can simply ask me directly - I can give you any kind of insight that you'd like. But don't worry about the service - we have great people and we're a happy, profitable, growing company.

Answered 7 years ago

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