What's the appropriate way to hold professional training in the United States?

I'm an entrepreneur and a lecturer living outside the United States. I recently developed a curriculum and I'm interested in giving it a go there. How can I approach venues and/or co-working spaces who would partner with me to market the training/course?


I have been involved in C-Level positions in the global trade shows and conferences industry for over 20 years. Planners like myself are very involved with convention centers of all levels and sizes and locations, hotels and smaller venues, in order to place and launch events there. There are literally 850+ line items on our internal project management sheet and timeline.

Questions that we would ask a company like yours include:
1) What markets do you want to approach?
2) Who will be your target audience?
3) Will a Tier 2 or Tier 3 city be the better location?
4) Who is in your current network?
5) Do you prefer a venue or pure conference center or hotel?
6) What is your budget and financial support to launch this program?
7) Who will handle your business in this market and be your contact and management group?

Then there are the operational tasks, marketing, sales, networking with industry leaders, associations, media, multipliers, etc.

These are just the very "tip of the iceberg" topics and 843+ more to go. :-)

I don't mean to take the fun and your energy out of it, but I just want to be direct and upfront.

Let me know if you want to schedule a call and discuss further.

All the best,
Dirk Ebener

Answered 9 years ago

Working through Chambers of Commerce is a good place to start. Are you planning to come here to meet and deliver your courses? What industry are you targeting? I would need more details to provide you with greater help.

Answered 9 years ago

You can use SalesLoft to assist with making a connection at a distance via email. Simply setup an Cadence, run through the steps and then it'll automatically track and log emails to better connect with your prospects.

- KK

Answered 9 years ago

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