I am looking to source Segboards/Swegboards/Hoverboards from China from a reliable manufacturer and then have them branded for sale in the UK.

I am interested in importing items similar to and but am finding it hard to find the exact specification I need to ensure optimum quality. It would be great to hear from anyone with experience of importing from china and branding them for the UK market. So far I have found the following and but I am unsure of quality. I would be happy to work with someone if they are able to help me with this.


Message me, I live in Shanghai, China.. If I understand better maybe I can assist you.

Answered 9 years ago

I am from Europe, I have done that, I imported segway analogs and also monocycles and hoverboards from China and I am reselling those in EU now.

This is my company:
I can tell you, that finding good factory is the most important thing.

For me, it took many months and traveling in China to visit different factories, until I finally found reliable one and import.

Even I have a Chinese wife, and I know a lot about China it was still very complicated and exhausting to find a reliable factory.

What I discovered is following: In China, there are actually few real producers, most of them who are presenting them as direct producers are just trading companies, I believe about 70 % them, what are in Alibaba are trading companies.

I can help you, because I have done it and direct you to my own trusted factory or help you with other questions related, just le me know

Answered 7 years ago

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