Dear full stack ruby developers, what gadgets can you not live without?

My partner is just about to finish a full stack ruby development bootcamp. I want to get him a gift. A few practical (function vs form) gadgets that he will need. Coders, programmers and more specifically ruby developers what could I get him? What can't you live without in your profession.


This list of gadgets that many full stack Ruby developers find useful in their work:
1) A mechanical keyboard offers a satisfying typing experience and can reduce strain during long coding sessions
2)Noise-canceling headphones or high-quality earphones help developers focus and block out distractions in noisy environments
3)An ergonomic mouse or trackball can provide comfort and prevent repetitive strain injuries
4)A portable hard drive or SSD is useful for backups, storing project files, and transferring data between different machines.
Remember, the gadgets you find most useful may depend on your personal preferences and work style.

Answered a year ago


I've been a Ruby developer for many years, and I can honestly tell you that there is no specific gadget that I've always been in love with. That said, I do have a few requirements to work properly including: my Macbook, multiple monitors, decent headphones and mic since I work remotely. I recently bought a mechanical keyboard purely because I love the sound of it.

Was this what you were asking about? Feel free to get back if I haven't answered your questions properly. :)

Answered 9 months ago

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