How do I take a TV Talk Show into syndication?

I am a talk show host and I would love to take my talk show on to syndication and broadcast on major networks. Right now the show only airs in Vancouver, Canada on local television. All great advise and hooks ups to the right people who can help are welcome. Thank you! L.U.


There's no real magic to it.

If you, personally, own the show, then you can certainly put together some pitch materials, and "shop" the show around to the major syndicators.


You can do this directly, or through an agent.

It's often believed that to do this kind of thing at one of the major Television markets, such as NATPE in January (for the US market), and MIPCOM , which occurs in Cannes, France in April (for the international).

But you may find that contacting syndicators directly BEFORE the markets, since they're at the markets to SELL the shows in their libraries to the broadcasters.

As the Host, however, you may not truly OWN the show, so you'd need the consent/participation of the show owner (likely the TV Station on which your show airs) in order to do this.

Answered 9 years ago

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