Do you have recommendations for a good marketplace chat plugin?

I am looking for a good marketplace chat plugin that allows buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. I am looking for the best plugin in terms of functionality, design and price. Thank you!


it totally depends on what your site is built in? Let us know

Answered 6 years ago

Have you had a look into Intercom, Drift or Help Scout Beacons? I hope these help.

Answered 3 years ago

TalkJS is a good option and can be integrated into any site that requires user-to-user chat. However, being a SaaS product it can get expensive.

Another option that I recently used is CometChat. This is a PHP-based self-hosted chat engine available for exactly the same purpose (i.e., user-to-user chat) so you can set it up for chat between buyers and sellers. CometChat has a plugin for easy integration between the chat engine and your website. However, for deeper integration, you will need a developer to be able to hook it with your user system. Since it is self-hosted, you purchase it with a yearly-license which significantly reduces the cost.

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Answered 9 months ago

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