What is the best marketing strategy for a £10k/per year online pocket square and bow tie manufacturer?

I have a growing pocket square and bow tie manufacturing company in the United kingdom. Revenue less than £10k/per year. Who would be the best person to talk regarding marketing strategy and why?


One of your big opportunities is positioning yourself in the B2B rather than B2C space. I've consulted for a bow tie e-commerce retailer and one thing I know from that is just how competitive the B2C space is for men's accessories when looking at SEO/SEM etc. as a promotional method.

One major opportunity for you as a manufacturer though is in the positioning yourself as a distributor and even dropshipper if you have the capacity. Suppliers and manufacturers are notoriously poor at promotion and hence a lot of e-commerce startups looking for quality suppliers will have difficulty finding them. This presents you with a great opportunity to acquire customers that are going to give you far higher lifetime value of customers than pure retail transactions and without the immense competition of the B2C space.

As I've had a lot of experience in both the e-commerce side and in working with distributors and manufacturers, I'd be more than happy to discuss further with you a strong go-to-market strategy.


Answered 5 years ago

Without knowing more about your business, business development through direct sales, CRM and online marketing, given a low budget may be more cost effective (distribution building), than other forms of marketing (advertising, print, tv, radio etc.) Having retailers/websites carry your line will be important. Selecting the right type of retailers (mass, boutique, specialty store) is critical.

Answered 5 years ago

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