Lets say I have 100 members on my website. I have 5 plugins they can pay for. I've been using a 2% conversion rate to estimate. But if I have 5 or 10 different plugin options that members can purchase do I say 2% will buy each? Or 2% will buy any of the 5 then average the value of the 5? Whats the formula?

From the question it sounds like this is more about forecasting than it is about tracking but I could be incorrect on that. If I were tracking something like this for a client I would generally track a conversion when any item is purchased and then I would track the conversion value as the dollar amount of the actual transaction. You could also leverage Google Analytics e-commerce tracking to get good, detailed numbers on the items purchased and amounts of each item and of the total transaction.

Based on this logic your logic and a conversion rate of 2% you would have 2 conversions out of 100 visitors and a totally average sale value of $x where $x is the total value of the conversions added up and then divided by the number of conversions. If sale 1 was $50 and sale 2 was $100 then you would have a 2% conversion rate with an average transaction value of $75.

Answered 7 years ago

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