I need a way to discover my strengths, love startups, technology but have no clue about the technical side. My greatest passion is to run my own company, but i have no clue which vertical i must get into, nor do i know where my strength will be. i have failed running two companies, both were based online and i realised that marketing costs were too high, so i had to give them up. Need help to get back up!

CA is a qualification and a skill, not a passion. What you need is a field where you can apply your skills and qualifications. If teaching is your passion, you can train aspiring CAs. If you want to work for a non profit, volunteer for them or join them full time. You can specialize in non-profit accounting. If media is your passion, you can be a reporter or a market analyst. The only way to discover your passion is by trying it out. Best way is to volunteer for various types of work and hopefully something will click.

You can do an exercise of writing down what you want to do in life. Do not restrict yourself to accounts and CA. Once you write down that list some thing will click. Let this list be more than 50. 100 is really good. It will hit you very hard and you know you must do it.

Answered 5 years ago

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