The problem is this: the majority of people in North America like to finance or lease things. The whole process of obtaining financing for a vehicle or a boat is not complicated at all, but middle men make it difficult and time consuming. We are developing an application through which people will be able to get the best available rates instead of going to different banks for scheduled appointments with loan reps, which force them to spend their whole day out and eventually get whatever rates are available. Thank you for your opinion.

First off, you need to validate:
1. this is indeed a problem for users
2. how do most users currently discover financing options? Is there a point in that user flow where the user would search for financing options beyond those readily available to them?
(ex. buying a car at a dealership, I would receive an option from the dealership, I'd check with my existing bank(s) if they could beat that rate and go with the lower of those two).
3. you can provide better rates/better convenience.

If all of the above check out, you have a valid opportunity.

Viability would now depend on the ability of your solution to:
1. Make users aware of your offering
2. Plug into their existing workflows
3. Provide better rates, faster than the status quo

All the best and feel free to reach out if I can help any further.

Answered 5 years ago

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