The problem is this: the majority of people in North America like to finance or lease things. The whole process of obtaining financing for a vehicle or a boat is not complicated at all, but middle men make it difficult and time consuming. We are developing an application through which people will be able to get the best available rates instead of going to different banks for scheduled appointments with loan reps, which force them to spend their whole day out and eventually get whatever rates are available. Thank you for your opinion.

I am working with a Community Gaming Portal and app that has 20,000 subscribers. In your space, it is occurring to me that the marketplace formulation may suit you better, that is being a place for providers and customers to congregate. You may wish to avoid actually executing the financing.

Beyond that, the sell on such an app would be empowering the consumer first and having providers compete and bid on consumers.

Am happy to speak with you on ways to build a user base, transaction model and brand development.

Talk with you soon!


Answered 5 years ago

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