How can Africans access investor funding for their startups?

Would appreciate to learn more. We have startups with great ideas in Ghana but we don't have investors to help us scale


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It does not matter where you are. Most of the Angel or Seed investors associated to startup accelerators in US or UK are accessible to anyone in the world as long as there are no Trade embargo or sanctions.

Also you or team should be able to travel to these countries on business or tourist visa in person if selected.

Process is easy
1) Create a POC/Mockup or working protoytpe
2) If you can sign up early customers..nothing like it...
3) Assemble a pitch deck

Feel free to talk to me...
Incase you are not able to pay, just let me know..
I will get a free pass for you and we can talk 30 mins .. happy to help..

I am in contact with people who work for Pencil of Promise projects in Ghana.. Are you familiar ?


Answered 9 years ago

There are many "global" funding websites where you can raise money. If your idea is vetted and even up & running you can access the "green" or non-profit VC funding. No one invests in ideas, they only invest in #'s. Just the hard truth. Good luck!!

Answered 9 years ago

Use sites such as,, your startup does not need to be in the US to get funding if it is properly pitched and has amazing traction

Answered 9 years ago

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