As I understand , you have domain expertise in travel industry and have a unique idea that you think will is needed in the market.

I also assume that you did some study and came to conclusion that website is what you need (Not mobile first .. re-think !!)

If you are a first time found I would strongly suggest you to understand the "Lean Start-Up" way ( . I have developed products for big enterprises and for small businesses and and done my own couple startups in the past that ended up in the graveyard (No product market fit).

Step 1 - Put up a landing page and validate your idea ( You probably can do this under $50

Step 2 - While your idea was getting validated, you would have collected some emails. Talk to them and figure out the appetite and try to pre-sell the product or service..

Step 3 - Create an MVP. Unless you have something totally unique and unconventional, most of the data driven web products can be created using a word-press or any similar frameworks.

Step 4 - Consult a technologist on how to go about it and get a landscape and roadmap developed. Ask for help to vett the right freelancer or part timer for this job

Step 5 - If the version 1 makes you any !! you made it.. double down ..At this point you can think of rebuilding the backend etc with the better architecture.

These are no 5 magic steps .. I wrote it as I was thinking it loud. Feel free to contact ..

..and good luck !!

Answered 5 years ago

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