Closing our Software Company - How can we find someone interested in buying our Live Apps and Traffic?

Thanks for the answers for my previous question on this topic. We have decided to try and close our app company and see if there is a buyer for the apps/traffic. We own 26 Different Apps. Each App is its own business - has its own traffic, revenue and branding. There is a total of 88,500 Active Users. A lot of these apps have potential and with a bit of investment can be taken to that next level. Revenue wide its a total of about $500 a Month with $0 expenses. We have only been operational for a few years but in the first year we made $100,000 in profit - having 2 other partners meant we never really got to keep injecting the right amount of capital back into the business. How would I go about finding someone to purchase this unique offer? Potentially they could take over the whole company - there is 0 debt. We offer all kinds of services so for the right person you could just pick up and keep going. I looked at some sites like bizbuy and such but they're obviously really tailored to websites. Would there be a way to offer someone lets say a 10% commission on the sale if they connected us to a buyer? We also just started uploading 2 apps to Itunes and they already have about 4k downloads in the first month.


Having just completed a top notch Accelerator program I can tell you that even in the great programs not every company survives. Accelerators and their coordinators are a good resource for entrepreneurs who may be in search of additional opportunities.

That group of people varies greatly in terms of their liquid resources. Some have funds to reinvest while others have no cash at all, so it also depends on what you are looking for. Straight cash, versus a transition to silent partnership, for example.

Answered 9 years ago

You should definitely check out (Or you can visit them on AngelList) I have no vested interest, just an idea.

Answered 9 years ago

You're looking for a very niche buyer. I've worked with a group of college students that had an array of backend platforms that they decided to sell off because they got offered at a large tech company.

What we did was group the platforms into packages and see what type of buyer would find them to be beneficial. With your level of revenue, very few people will be interested in buying it to continue running it; even if they did, they wouldn't value your company very highly.

Best option is to find a company that can forego their R&D and just integrate what you have into their overall product/service. You'll get a better value if they come to you first so the strategy would be to peak their interest without knocking on their door.

A platform or website is not going to help you sell this. Most M&A brokers would also find the value to be too low to get involved, but there are a few that work in this level.

Feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

Answered 8 years ago

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