I'm launching a business this fall and there is a lot to do, but I'm thinking about taking a quick business class as well. While I'm great at learning by doing, I do appreciate formal classroom education. Is it worth it to take the course? As a new entrepreneur and first time business owner, how do you learn?

in 2015 its not really worth paying for a business course - courses work on trying to teach you what you need to know

what you need to know is; "everything about business" - the person who created the course learned it all on their own - not from a course

Also the amount of information online via youtube and online sources means you have access to all the most successful entrepreneurs and business people in the world, and your thinking of paying a random to tell you what they know, chances are they just downloaded and resold a business course themselves.

My advice would be to either start your business (or if your idea is your passion and you dont want to risk your first attempt) maybe test out a smaller business idea - give it your all - and use what you learn on your big idea when you feel ready

Learn as you go - try things out - fail and learn why you failed.

My first business was a online eBay store - importing electronics from china - its very different to what i do today but it taught me so much about products, merchandising, eCommerce, customer relations, paypal, site building and advertising. I have used every single one of those skills in all my future business's - experience is gold and cant be put into a course - as business throws things at you every day and your past experiences will have you well equipped to deal with nearly all of them.

remember the famous quote Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Answered 5 years ago

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