I agree with Joseph: an objective assessment from a professional will provide the balanced insight you're looking for. You can accomplish that very inexpensively with a Clarity call ... or a couple of calls to different experts.

Here are some of the things we'd want to know (and which you can ask yourselves):

- What does your current name say about your products, your services, your brand? If you think of it as the title of a story, what story does it promise?

- What are the advantages of keeping the name?

- How is the name holding you back?

- Does the name have built-in limitations? For example, is it hard to pronounce? Does it suggest a service offering you no longer wish to be associated with? Have you been faced with a trademark challenge?

I do not advise polling your customers or suppliers. They are apt to prefer the familiar over the new, and if you are contemplating a significant rebrand -- branching into new areas, dropping some key offerings -- you risk tipping your hand.

Answered 6 years ago

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