My company specializes in user and customer acquisition for mobile and web based products.

It's important to note that:

1) Early-stages startups are not interested in such services because: they don't have money for it / it's too early to scale anything until traction.

2) The other thing - more mature startups: seed, Series A and later.

It's right audience. Because as soon as you prove your hypothesis and get a traction, it's time to scale it.

But in this case it's better to formulate a question:
"What kind of marketing channels I need to use?". It's a very wide and abstract question.

But usually it works like:

1) Direct Sales (confs, linkedin);
2) Content Marketing (Good guestposts);
3) Partners program.

In reality there is no big problem. Any startup which crossed "traction line" has a need to leverage more quality traffic. And I don't think that it's a problem to reach them.

The main problem to provide them with really good user acquisition in terms of Price / Quality. It's a hardest part.

There are thousands companies who do the same. In my taste, only 1% provides service which worths of attention.

Answered 6 years ago

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