I have functional prototype for an app that facilitates and provides solutions to users including residents & tourists - how can I best market it?

My app gives access to the inside of famous landmarks using image recognition to determine who is inside and made bookings using our app. It also acts as a recommendation tool that helps determine relevant places to visit and why based on variables set by users from experience.


Here is a simple thought to ponder: if the landmark is famous, is image recognition of people (with all the ethical issues that brings) necessary to promote it? What value does the image recognition bring that simple user documentation (i.e. user supplied data and imagery) would not?

As a marketing consultant to tourism, health, robotics and HR startups, I look at what people are asking for, and what minimum tech application is necessary to provide it.

Consider this - does your image recognition better serve the 'hidden gems' of tourism?

Happy to discuss further :)


Answered 6 years ago

Prelaunch gamification will certainly be very helpful in your case.
I have found that if you reward prospective users of your app using indirectly relevant gamification, users get engaged with your venture. The most activity mobile app user does after texting and phone calls is Take Photos.
I would suggest to create a gamified campaign around taking photos of landmarks and reward those prospective users for taking 3-5 photos, social sharing etc.
Reward something simpler like what they can physically take home or share or use while traveling etc.
now once the campaign is over, notify all the participants to social share and also introduce your actual app. There will be a great chance of these users becoming your app's genuine users and continue using your product.
Build the campaign!
We solve these problems with and better gamification under startups market interest discovery

Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

To start off, the tourist market is very crowded. However, there is a place for local apps. I would start with the local tourist office, they are often happy to put your flyers in their office. If people like your app, maybe you can talk with the city administration and they provide funding.

All in all, your app sounds a non-AR version of LAYAR.

Answered 3 years ago

The role of marketing in prototyping and other technical aspects of new product development is often exceedingly small. Once you have your wireframes, now you can start testing the concept with internal or external users. Prototyping has been the purview of folks trained in software development, engineering, or graphic design. The assumption is that students in these functional areas have the skills necessary to build prototypes. But changes in the nature and technology of prototyping means that marketing and prototyping fit together. Rapid prototyping has come a long way in the digital age. In the past, engineers created a full-scale physical model of the new product, which was a long, expensive process. Today, those same models are created through CAD and 3-D printing at a significantly lower cost and shorter time frame. In today’s market spaces, prototyping frequently involves wireframing to build a website or an app.
The first step is probably the hardest : to come up with an app that satisfies a real customer need; one that is radically new compared to existing products, not something that just adds a new twist to an already successful app.
Next, teams must brainstorm the user interface, being sure to consider all the ways consumers might use your app, website, or product.
Step 3 can be much more technical, but with some of the rapid prototyping tools out there, like POP, marketers do not need any special skills. The development team now takes the wireframes and draws out what the actual screens should look like.
Now, you hand your finished prototype to your designer and your development team. No more misunderstandings about how the app or website should be constructed.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered 6 months ago

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