Tech tool recommendation please: what LOW monthly COST app options have your tried (and hopefully loved) on the PR front?

Not interested in pay per release or pay a fortune per year or pay upfront only. Ideas?


This is a pretty broad question -- what are you looking for specifically on the PR front?

You get what you pay for. There are a million and three press release apps that are just spam-generators. They don't actually do what you would like.

Instead, try something like HARO or contacting journalists in your industry to establish a relationship.

Happy to help or field more questions, just schedule a call.

Answered 7 years ago

Sorry so should know that :)

I didn't mean where to post I actually meant apps like PR Genie, Robin8, HARO etc -- platforms that make reaching out to reporters etc easy....really any place to build lists without having to do manually. Does anything exist that I haven't heard of that makes finding these folks easier

Answered 7 years ago


There wasn't much specifics beyond PR, is this about providing better customer relations?

If you're looking for a chat kind-of platform this one is free and you can host it yourself:
It's marketed as "Conversational pipelines for Sales, Support and Marketing"

There is also which is also free but not as feature-rich but I did try it as well

There's also which is marketing automation.

I hope that helps, if you want to get any of those setup and running on your own server or cloud servers, and under your own domain. If you need further help or advice, or help setting this up, please contact me as it's something I have experience with.

Answered 9 months ago

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