I need to validate my idea for a webapp and show traction. Unfortunately its too complex to prototype on my own. Would a video explainer and demonstration be enough? I am thinking of creating a landing page with a video explaining the basic problem and solution. There I can use a "Sign Up NOW" call to action to seek conversions. This way I can gain metrics on whether or not it's being validated. What do you think?

Visual prototypes can go a long way for validation. I recently validated a product Idea by:

- Sharing the prototypes with everyone I could get to meet IRL, asking for feedback and what they thought about the idea.

- Created a landing page to gather signups and show a bit about the product.

- Posted visual designs on dribbble, HN, reddit, twitter, etc (to your relevant target audience) - this feedback was invaluable as it comes from people who are not attached to you in any way. You may also get lots of signups this way.

- Promote the landing page in relevant communities, be straight forward and say you are validating your idea - even more signups.

I was still building my product in the background, but reaching over 900+ signups in a few weeks for a product that was not even out there counted as idea validation with just a set of visual prototypes.

Answered 5 years ago

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