Where can I find a mentor knowledgeable on the Internet Of Things?

My startup company is developing an IOT product in the Public sector utility distribution (Energy and Gas). We need a mentor who has already made a successful exit ( business sell-off ) to a large company. I am looking for someone with experience in the area of New Technology product development, and marketing experience in the area of IOT=Internet of Things. Any technology product experience in mentor will be valuable. I am not looking for mentors with a web-only product experience. Also, any experience in dealing or selling product to the public utilities sector will be welcome. Thanks in advance.


Right here on Clarity! Go search IoT and you'll get a list of 7 awesome people who you can reach out to. I'll personally recommend Utz Baldwin - we worked with Utz and his company Ube / Plum when they were fundraising (on our platform Fundable). He's a great guy, a fantastic entrepreneur, and knows IoT better than anyone else I know.

Happy Hunting!

Answered 4 years ago

First thought: you're already in the right place, Do a quick Google search, and you can find some experts' profiles to review: ", internet of things."

Also, here's a piece of advice from a psychologist friend which my experience has proven true, again and again: Ask for help, and you'll get advice. Ask for advice, and you'll get help.

My advice? Make a list of 15-20 of the top names in "internet of things" startups. Reach out to them. Ask for advice. See what happens. Maybe you'll connect deeply with one of them who has advisor potential.

Happy to discuss more on a call.

Answered 4 years ago

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