Im selling an iPhone case that I know will be intriguing to my target market. I realize that in order to bring in sales I have to advertise. I'm targeting females aged 15-40. Where should I advertise?

You have two major challenges:
1. Driving traffic to your website.
2. Making them buy there.

A single SKU does not usually make an Internet business. What is the product? What is your current web traffic. who/where is it coming from, Is there already a want and desire for it in the market?

If you do not clearly know these answers, then you must rethink the whole process.

If you have a single product that is consumer oriented, plant seeds by testing on Amazon and/or eBay. The most female-skewed social media site is Pinterest if your product may sell via visuals.

Your question is screaming "I need a Business and Marketing Plan." You must start there.

Answered 7 years ago

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