Should we hire hire a contracted outside sales force for our company If so who do you recommend? We need visibility in larger channels.


Do you have any internal sales professionals? You should at LEAST have an internal sales director who sets the strategy for a sales force. Then you determine if the proper path is a contracted sales force. I've known companies that have used outside sales teams however NONE that have seen the type of success that outweighs having an internal team.

Answered 11 years ago

In my opinion it always ends up being way more of a headache. Those on the inside know the product better and are more driven/passionate etc to sell it than a hired salesforce will ever be. In the end it ends up taking more of your time for direction, supervision, etc. Add that to the fees your paying them and you just become frustrated. I just glanced at your site quickly, but why wouldn't you go form strategic alliances with the bike companies, give their staff a free case and incentivize them for selling your bike related products when they sell a bike? Motivate the person standing in front of your potential customer and sky's the limit.

Answered 11 years ago

Having been in the electronic payments industry for over 20+ years this is a daily question that is asked as companies are trying to reduce overhead cost while driving the brand, sales and most of all profit.

One thing to consider is that anytime you have a "contracted" sales force you are losing control of your brand and relying on them to represent your brand as you want it to be. Depending on how deep this sales force gets and layers of folks, control and message will get lost.

Someone else mentioned inside sales and if you have tried that yet. If I were building the sales strategy based on the limited information I would start with an inside sales person to generate some interest in the marketplace at the specific targets you are looking for and then add someone who has experience in your specific vertical with the specific types of customers/vendors/partners you seek so they can open the doors and then start sending the referrals and business back to the Inside Sales person(s).

Answered 11 years ago

I have rarely seen hiring outside agencies to do a companies sales work. Hire a highly motivated salesperson and pay him well. And don't kill the goose who is laying the eggs. A great salesperson is often going to make more than the president of the company especially when your fairly new but keep in mind in the long run they are building your company you will have long after they are gone. Where is this ideal person? He already has a great job of course either at your competitors or in some similar field and he's ready to listen to you if you truly have a better offer than the one he has now. You wouldn't have to do much training so that will save you a bundle so he will start making you money almost from day one, call me if you have any questions or would like me to help you find that person....thanks....Ken

Answered 9 years ago

I believe that it is a good option that you can go for. A contracted sales force are not employees, so you do not bear the cost of in-house employees, like benefits and payroll taxes or the time it takes to find and train them.
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