How can I create a media hero?

We're a small PR firm that just started. We're passionate about people and we think we can deliver something different than other orthodox PR agencies and we're pretty confident that we have our own exclusive approach. We landed our second client (hurray for us) and it's a little bit challenging: he needs us to market his upcoming book that deals with some personal struggles of his and people he knew. The problem is: this is his first product. It's his first book. He has never worked before in marketing or tried to deliver a public message to his audience through social media. The guy has no audience tbh (I don't know what you call 70 followers on Twitter but I'm pretty sure that's not an audience) So yeah, I mean, we're also starting to learn, and the guy is awesome and everything, but there's no ground to build on. Consequently, we started to embark on a different approach: Let's create something that makes him a hero. Let's find something that makes some people instantly fall in love with him. It'd be amazing to hear from you on the possibility of making someone a media hero/loveable person and how media giants do it in terms of strategy. Thanks!


Hi there.... I am not a media giant or PR person but I do know social impact and my guess if this guy has really great story to tell, you'd be able to find resonators with a large audience simply by cherry picking the right groups with whom to share his story. It's like any sales, really. Find the selling point and get the message out far and wide. Perhaps there are like-minded organizations that may want to hear him tell his story over a working lunch for their staff. Or an organization that is looking for a great conference or event speaker. There are many ways to turn his story into something heroic as long as the right ears are listening.

Answered 8 years ago

Why don't you do a series of short podcast interviews that allows a professional interviewer to speak to him about different topics/issues that he has conquered. By doing these short podcast interviews, it provides you with shareable content, in his voice, to make him a real person that others can connect with online. I have a deeper interest and connection to people with their actual voice than just a blog or other writing. Perhaps you could have him even read some brief segments from his book.

The key is that the interviewer can help pull out of him the story and can help amplify his efforts.

I have years of experience in innovative marketing approaches. Learn more about me and my work at I consult with agencies, entrepreneurs and large marketing organizations. Let me know if I can be of help to you.

Good luck.


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I have a handful of clients I am helping with writing their stories during Career Realignment Coaching, and I also teach writing courses at University.

Your idea of making the author a Hero is nice!
If you feel it is hard to make that work thematically, try another 'identity' : a wanderer. There is a massive market out there for sharing experiences of an eclectic type that connect through observations on Life.

I would say that people these days, more than a hero to look up to, want someone to live through vicariously, projecting their life challenges and finding hope from struggle itself.

And that's a hero - not someone who wins, but someone who loses and keeps his/her head high.

Happy to hop on a call and elaborate!

Answered 8 years ago

A media hero out to have a heroic home page. Does yours?

Assuming you can succeed, then be prepared with a home base where podcast interviews, book reviews, excerpts, and an events calendar will reinforce one another.

If you'd like feedback on name selection or help with domain procurement, we can set up a call. Sometimes I write landing page copy as well, but I doubt I'd have time to read the book!

Answered 8 years ago

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