The full product design development will require: • Mechanical design, • Electronics design, • Firmware, • Software, and • Support all the way through to production. And we are exploring if Crowed-funding or VC would work for this early stage of development.

I have been helping a company that has gone though this process. When I first met them they took their savings and did a 3D printing of their prototype. They took a Raspberry Pi, met a couple of Electronic Engineers & Designers that could "mentor" them on the parts they didn't know.They wrote the software and did all the assemble themselves. After more than a year and a hundred units (sold manually), now we are ready to go into production. They raised money instead of crowdfunding but because it is a B2B business. If you are doing something for consumers, I would recommend doing kickstarter or indiegogo. Either way, you should be moving forward with your own money, and hustling to obtain the knowledge you don't have. The most important part of this process is the learning not the fundraising.

Answered 5 years ago

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