My company does about $3 million in revenue a year. I would like to get a loan for marketing expenses ($500k-$1m for 3-6 months). From what I've seen, it seems most credit lines are only up to $100k, but I'm entering an area here that I'm unfamiliar with. and could really use some advice. I'll be wanting to talk with someone who understands this :) Thanks!

If your looking for financing and not wanting to give up equity you could try to get venture debt. Check out Hercules and their competitors these companies can provide big loans.

Be ready to provide a lot of info on your company and your financial health.

Be aware these companies exist to make money so make sure you end up with payments you can handle.

You'll also have loan covenants which will outline certain financial performance metric you'll need to hit. If you miss covenants your loan terms will change for the worse and it can even end up with bank taking control of your company. Obviously a worst case scenario, but you need to be aware and make sure you are very comfortable with the covenants you agree to.

- mike

Answered 7 years ago

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