How do I start my company

I want to start my own webpage company, but I don't know how?


A high level / quick answer

- write your idea out, understand what the plan is. What will your company do? How will you make money? What will be your approximate costs? The plan will change over time but have clear view.

- create a corporate entity like a llc to protect yourself (check with a lawyer and accountant) to make sure you form the right corporate entity for your business, you'll also have to start a company bank account, and register for a federal tax id)

- register a domain via a domain registrar like

- choose a host to host your website and platform/ technology to create

I could give you much more specifics over the phone. Would love to learn about your business and help you get started. Sign up for a call with me if you're interested.

- mike

Answered 9 years ago

Figure out your idea-make sure its commercial ie that you have something a little unique to sell for money. Form a corporation or LLC. Get a domain name. Make your own website-thats your main marketing tool. Do research about what people are paying for websites. Figure out a way to sell your product. Its probably too late for SEO but maybe there are people in your neighborhood or area who can use a website. Give a good deal to the early customers. Give rebates and bounties to customers who refer new customers to you. Underpromise and over deliver.

Answered 9 years ago

This is not a clear question. If you can share more details of what your attempting to build I can provide you some basic guidance.

Some questions to consider:
1. What product or service do you want to offer?
2. Who is your target customer?
3. Partners or sole proprietor?
4. Startup capital, what is needed. Start by deciding on the most basic needed tools to reach your customer.

Let's discuss and build a game plan.

Answered 9 years ago

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