Does anyone know of a service provider that sells a "Marketing Cheat Sheet" by industries?

I'm looking for a service provider that will provide a marketing calendar with tip, ideas and advice specific to an industry.


I can appreciate the goal, but you should be aware that anything like this is just going to be a starting point. Every company has different marketing needs. Industry alone isn't the only variable. Geographic location, price points, market position, existing customer base, and many more variables could completely change what any simple plan told you to do. Yes, a simple checklist could be a good way to start on an "average" plan, but please don't fool yourself into thinking you can shortcut marketing. It will be a very expensive mistake.

Answered 4 years ago

That's a hard question to answer not knowing what particular marketing strategy you're looking for. However, Marketo has pretty cool resources in a number of areas: SEO, content marketing, automation, facebook, personification e.t.c

See link here:

Answered 4 years ago

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