Copyright infringement and breach of contract

Hi, I put some code online. To download this code, you have to sign some terms and conditions, one is that could not be used commercially. Recently, I found a company that is making use of it. I heard that if I write a "cease and desist" letter they can sue me in their local jurisdiction. What should I do in these cases? I would like to talk to someone about it.


You'll ideally want to talk to an "Intellectual Property" attorney. I'd recommend taking a screenshot over everything on the site including their Terms of Service. You may be able to find an attorney that reviews it for free and tells you if you have any chance of pursuing the case.

Check your state bar association's website… They often a searchable directory of attorneys by specialty.

Best of luck!

Ken Clark
Coach, consultant and therapist to entrepreneurs

Answered 6 years ago

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