If a company had $800k in sales and decided to expand that into a much larger idea, to go to investors would they need to have an MVP of the new idea?


Because you mentioned MVP, Im assuming that your current business is a service company, not a technology/product company.

If that's the case, then you would definitely need to build out an MVP of the product and ideally show customers using the product as is.

The major issue of a service company trying to productize their offering is that the customers actually don't want a product, they want someone to just solve the problem - so without an MVP demonstrating, it leaves a lot of risk.

The more risk involved, the lower your potential valuation and quality of investors.

The fact that you have $800K in revenue definitely gives your points around business acumen (history) and deep domain expertise around the problem space.

The way I look at fundraising is this ... the more you have done, the easier it's going to be to raise your round from higher quality investor.

Can you raise a round without an MVP, yep - anything's possible, but will you get a good valuation, and raise from high quality investors - not likely as they have so many options of other companies to invest in from incubators and sites like

Always up for a call to discuss further.


Answered 11 years ago

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