I'm more interested in ingenious and creative means like growth hacks that may have worked for you. But general methods are welcome as well.

OoOh. Growth hack!

Every event needs a page. Create targeted landing pages with a particular goal in mind for each, education, download, share, feedback, etc. then promote through the various Wordpress 'local' groups in Facebook for various cities (markets)

Create a website for FAQ and promote that as well.

Go to Quora and ask for feedback there.

Go to and ask for invite and article to be posted there. Start by asking for a review from someone there - find them through Twitter and let them know is for Quora.

Schedule a Meerkat event and stream it on Twitter with relevant hashtags. Offer a discount there. The RT love can be huge there .

Hope it helps!
For more give me a call.
For web design Google me ;)
For hosting go to

Best of luck!!
Humberto Valle

Answered 7 years ago

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