How do you market a product that's a new concept or "wavelength" for the target market intended when they have somewhat "unconscious incompetence"?

I have created a product that addresses the major issue of today's western society - lack of fulfillment, self insecurities, emotional addictions and lack of emotional maturity or connectedness to them self. It's written to and for a female with body image or emotional eating and is a holistic and even spiritual twist with a very forward and personal tone that's relative to the reader (because it's written by me and I'm young connected to those people but have evolved past that superficial addiction level and now want to educate about it) . It's written as laymen as possible but my trouble is that it's something that everyone woman could empower their emotional, physical and spiritual health with but it's a VERY sensitive topic. People don't want admit or will deny they need that help. They don't realise there is a problem. To sell the guidebook and events in an overcrowded "sell them what they want (hot body, health person coaching) and give them what they need" it will go undervalued or unconsciously "unneeded". As a new personally names brand - how can I not get burnt by being at the new cutting edge of the market. What do I need to do? What should I market my brand and self as, aa far as the "expert in X" when it's a broad and sensitive topic. Thank you x million for any help!


First thing I might comment on here is are you absolutely certain this is a new product? From what you describe its a new angle on an old idea.

With that more in mind if you think people are unaware of your view point then education based marketing seem the most relevant starting point.

You see this style of "advertorial" or article style promotions in health products all the time so there should be plenty of good examples in most womens magazines laying around.

What do you need to do..?
1 - education based marketing
2 - give your book away - free pdf version - $1 kindle options - $4.95 hard copy option

all your efforts should lead back to your central location to educate your audience further on your approach.

Start with the top 10 things you deal with & you have 10 good articles to educate with. In each article you have a - For further help with this go here [link to book]"

What are you doing after this...? Consulting...?

Answered 9 years ago

It's evident that you care deeply about the topic, and it's an important issue. I've been close to someone who was seriously affected by it, actually.

However, you're on the wrong course. You have a contribution to make here, but writing and marketing a guidebook or blog isn't it. Maybe you should focus on in-person counseling in order to help people. As your network grows, that might evolve into bigger events. My sense of things is that you can best get your message across when it's personalized and direct.

Answered 9 years ago

Don't focus on the features of what you do. In your question you describe a lot of features that don't really address the emotional aspects of what your target wants.

Instead, focus on the outcome. If they are struggling, then they definitely have these insecurities, even if they don't openly admit it. The thought in their mind is "If I could only overcome _______, then my life would look like _________."

Fill in those blanks and you will be onto something. For example, "If I could only stop eating so much junk, then I would finally feel secure enough to ask that hot guy to go get coffee with me."

Most people won't admit they have a problem, but everyone yearns for a better version of themselves and their life. Touch on that in your message (and test using social media, email, surveys, etc.), and you will be off to a good start.

Answered 9 years ago

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