Venturing Into Dairy Farming with prospects of expanding into biogas, biomass and hydroponics farming.

I'm the Founder of and Hyqee is positively rated by CRISIL, which is an S&P Company. My passion has always been in the primary sector (Farming, Renewable Energy) and built and executed the road map that I have planned for my Dairy Farming venture. But I would like to really make it big and want to get more knowledge from experts and about how to get funding to scale it even higher.


Consider reaching out to companies like Foodem and Root. Perhaps you've never heard of these names, but i've always liked Foodem's b2b model and for some reason I've always liked their videos, who knows... Root happens to have a great product (and team btw) Eric is a great guy, I'm sure he'd be happy to chat if you introduce yourself.
I am speculating, but I suspect they may be able to connect you to a handful of interesting people. I am certain you can find many companies/founders in a similar space; inquire, ask, make new connections etc. etc.

When time permits, I get the greatest reward from sharing and helping; we all do... While I can't be certain, I suspect many "funded entrepreneurs" share that same desire to give back and see others succeed.
Good luck with Root and Foodem. They are completely different companies and hopefully offer completely unique insights/connections/perspectives etc.
Good luck-keep connecting!!

Continued success,

Gregg M. Kennelly

Answered 8 years ago

You find an investor that invests in AgTech, GreenTech, or has ESG focus. There are many of these.

It will be easier to raise money since you have deep industry/domain knowledge. But you must know your numbers. What are the capital requirements and anticipated pay-off period? Also, why is this unique as there are many other players in the space.

With a solid business plan or pitch deck I think you will have success raising money for innovation in this industry/vertical. I am happy to review your materials and make intros.

Answered 4 years ago

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