I read a lot about start up and entrepreneurship. i'm willing to go every extra mile and to give all i can for starting my own business. I have a well good knowledge about Linux/Unix Systems - i learned for the last 15 years. I'm totally willing to start up, but currently I'm quite not sure about the product or service i should provide. i know it's a weird question, but in the product i see the essence of all, where i can stand behind and sell with conviction and belief. as well i have a good graphical eye and knowledge about WordPress, but currently its hard for me to get all my skills together and create a product and/or Service who sells good in switzerland. i am on the totally wrong way without the super idea about this, or i just search in the wrong direction? Thank you for any advice.

Although it seems like a vague question, let's try to analyze it better.

Create two lists.

In list 1, put the top 5 things that you excel at in Linux / Unix. And no cheating.

In list 2, put the top 20 prospective clients that you have identified. (if any).

Match skill to prospect, and see where that gets you.

Answered 6 years ago

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