During the trial of a B2B SAAS product, what steps can we do to improve the conversion rate?

What should we communicate with them?


The trial period is your courtship period, and the best opportunity to convert the user into a paying customer.

Areas of focus
- on boarding communication that includes welcome email, on boarding education of the platform, links to additional material on product/service
- timely communication throughout trial period staying engaged with user, reaching out to ask for feedback or answer any questions
- still better if the platform is able to track Usage statistics and contextually do a reach out
- opportunity to A/B test with different communication to see if conversion varies across the different methods

It is key to stay engaged with the user optimally without overloading them with communication.

I have had success with these methods and would be happy to discuss over a call, once I understand your unique situation

Answered 9 years ago

- Work on your Onboarding: make sure users can understand your value proposition quickly and make the most out of your software.

- Emails / In-App Message
- Retargeting Campaigns
- Customer Success
- Start call / demo

Overall, you need to make sure your users use your software during the free trial and that they understand what it'll bring to them in the future.

Let's schedule a call and I'll help you to design your onboarding and convert more users ;)!

Answered 9 years ago

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