I am creative director of my own company and possibly looking to work with a good business development person to try and win leads for the company. Then we would see how it goes perhaps they get a finders fee, equity steak in the company etc. Just looking some ideas as I don't have the time to be sourcing work when I am doing the work.

This is a common problem with "Doer" business owners.

It won't be easy to find someone to work on commission. Truly able commission-based salespeople know they are a) in demand, and b) capable of setting their own price. So why should they work for you? They're going to go to where making sales is like shooting fish in a barrel. Not where they have to struggle to survive.

If you can't afford a salary, and I'm talking 9-12 months' salary while your first inside salesperson "figures it out", you're not ready to have someone in that role. Hire inside first, where you can keep an eye on them, and have them transition to outside and higher pay later. Most business owners get this completely bass-ackwards and it never turns out well that way.

But in my experience & opinion, you should not be looking for a salesperson at this time. What you need is an automated funnel that brings you opportunities. And for that you will need focused, paid traffic.

The idea that a magic salesperson will, like the genie, serve you up wins, is compelling. But it is not reality. Build yourself the solid foundation of a lead generating and qualifying funnel, so you only talk to a steady stream of people who are ready to buy. That's how to use your time and resources effectively at this stage in your company's development.

Answered 5 years ago

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