How to make your consulting business (service related) location independent?

I am in HR and would want to make it location independent.


So do it.

As consultants, it is incredibly easy to work remotely with modern technology.

What do you see holding you back?

To attract new prospects, you can have a website and publish authoritative content targeting your ideal customer base.

For lead generation, you can host webinars or online courses, or have downloadable whitepapers.

For ongoing consulting, you can use teleconferencing or the phone.

For document management, you can use Dropbox or Google Drive.

For project management, you can use Podio or the like.

For invoicing, you can use Freshbooks.

Those are all services that are location-independent. Your client would never know where you were physically, but that doesn't matter when you are selling your expertise as a service provided.

I've bene operating a consultancy for over 16 years; very little has been hindered by working remotely. Heck, I was on a cruise ship a few weeks ago working. No one knew any differently.

I'm happy to talk more, book a call and we can address any specific concern you have or I can share more about how I've done it.

To your success,

Answered 9 years ago

Really depends on what you do in HR, I imagine. Some aspects of human resources involve meeting humans.

Even if those humans can be regarded as resources to be evaluated and moved around remotely, some employers may see an advantage in hiring a local consultant who can come into the office. So that local consultant might have an edge.

Be that as it may, there are a lot of locations – many of them somewhat small and somewhat remote. Even the "local" consultant might bill for transit, which is a waste. And in those locations, there may be no consultant with your level of experience. So that gives you 2 advantages, since employers don't need to pay for your gasoline and commute time AND they have access to your superior talent.

Keep in mind, there is a generation gap to be dealt with. Younger people seem to be more open to hiring remote work, whereas moving up in seniority you'll find professionals (including bosses) who prefer meeting around the table.

In my own industry, I have literally never stood face to face with a single colleague, customer, or client. They're from virtually every country on the planet, and we get things done just fine. Yet the older guys continue to meet each other at trade-show like conferences, which I've never bothered to attend. Quite the paradox in an industry that's all about the internet!

Anyhow, it's up to you to convince your clients – many of whom will subscribe to the old meeting-in-person way of doing things – that hiring a remote HR consultant is a good idea. Here are a few bullet points to do that:

(A) They have access to you stupendously awesome talent, which isn't available locally.

(B) You can easily handle face-to-face interviews using tools such as Skype if needed. That includes group meetings.

(C) Remote access means you're available by almost instantaneously, if they require that. And they probably communicate even with their own employees via email and phone, which are utterly remote.

(D) Local consultants waste time and cost more due to any commute.

Maybe your question was only about technical resources for handling remote consultation. That's fairly straightforward, though. So I read it as a problem of presentation or pitch – branding even.

Answered 9 years ago

I've helped several businesses (including an HR consultancy) transition from local to nationwide clientele. If you already have a base of clients already, testimonials, client brand names, and case studies will help establish trust with remote prospects.

For long distance sales and marketing, partnerships are the best option - hands down. Identify complementary business models, and reach out to them. Offer a generous commission for any referral which turns into a sale (I tend to provide 20% for the lifetime of any referred client, although many people feel that is too generous).

In marketing, our best partners are web design firms - companies which make websites, apps, and graphics. They can build the world's most incredible website or app, but without successful marketing their clients won't see any bottom-line results. Once I walk through our system to build trust and rapport, we sign a contract and dip our feet in the water with their first referrals to us - then ramp it up to full speed.

I can help you get a system in place and running. It would take about 3 hours of phone calls - spaced out about a week apart between each call. Feel free to schedule something if you want to talk in depth and get it going.

Answered 9 years ago

Any business today has no escape for Collaboration for Growth. Building consulting partners to deliver services where you do not have access. However be sure of the engagements and tight agreements in the initial stages to avoid any awkward situations later. Start with the best known people to collaborate and build new network for future.

Answered 9 years ago

My background is in HR, OD specifically, and I have made my business location independent as a leadership coach and consultant. Using the model of one on one coaching/consulting, traveling to speak at conferences or do in person training on occasion and creating online courses in your area of expertise you can create a successful, location independent business. I would be happy to speak with you (from my apartment on a tropical island) about how I have done this!

Answered 8 years ago

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