I'm a successful businessman looking to expand into some "passive income" business. I've read numerous books about selling on Amazon, all claiming that it's easy to do. Just buy products from a firm and "rebrand" it. The question is - is it that easy to find the right product to sell? What else is there to know beside writing the right product description, giving great customer service, and Amazon SEO?

First I want to say I have no product to push, no training course to sell you just direct experience with selling on Amazon. I dealt only with arbitrage which is finding products cheap enough to make a profit on Amazon. No re branding experience so I can't tell you good or bad on that. Because I have no dog in the fight I can give you my honest opinion on how Amazon works, the good the bad and the ugly which your not likely to get who's business is selling you programs and tapes etc. I have had mornings where I had over 500 orders and more recently my experience has been a fraction of that because of the new approach to Amazon. If you want the real story before you invest to much in this business call me and get the truth, thanks....Ken Queen

Answered 5 years ago

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