Analytics platform suggestion for a complex desktop CAD software that is developed by a small team?

We have a very small team developing a software like Autocad. We will be starting a "UX department" (1 guy), and we are going to do UX research with users, but we also need to a platform that will give us simple reporting and insights. I only have experience with web analytics (such as Google Analytics, Mouseflow and Crazyegg). We use a dongle USB system for authentication and soon we will be moving away from that and do online authentication just like Adobe does. I know I'm asking for too much but it can't be that expensive too. In an ideal world, that application would have some sort of API that could be connected to a business intelligence application - we also don't have a dashboard with metrics for accounting, finance, tech support, marketing. Just Excel files. All we need is a simple system, or multiple systems, that we can easily track what is really important. We don't have a data team. The company is full of smart people. Also, Is there anything new in terms of predictive analytics or cognitive analytics that can help us out? So we don't need a full-time data scientist? Sorry I'm a designer with basic web analytics skills


Have you looked in to Crystal Reports at all? It has numerous advantages.

It will connect to all of the data sources you have including spreadsheets, and can integrate data from more than one source at a time. i.e. you may have most of your data in a spreadsheet, with some additional info in Access and a little more in ...

The Crystal Engine itself is available via API within certain SDK's. I know it's available in MS Visual Studio. It is also available in Java.

If you build your own solution using the API you can custom connect to each of your data sources and distribute the results however you need them - via email, ftp or file save - as pdf, excel, HTML, and so forth. You can even use the reporting tool as a Data Transformation Service by writing the results back to an ODBC database.

This platform is more than capable of reporting on data you've collected via your user interface such as clicks, time between clicks, undo, etc. Anything you want to track - as long as it's stored somehow.

I hope that helps. If you need further examples or details feel free to arrange a call, I'd be happy to help.

Answered 9 years ago

I developed many analytics systems with capability of processing large datasets and can help you achieve the same. Give me a call or message and we can discuss it further.

Answered 7 years ago


Depending on your preference and skillset you cannot if there is a there is a problem there is probably a package that has already been developed to do exactly what you are trying to do. For the most popular programs forPython) there are hundreds are packages you can use out here.
For your business needs there is no one size fits all for BI solutions but depending on the skill set there I would employ that tool.

Other wise I would look at a tool like Power BI that allows for reporting and Data Visualizations and you can also utilizing program packages for analysis.

Answered 6 years ago

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