Is it possible to lunch a startup targeted at the US market even if I am in another country?

It's a consumer purely "digital" product. I have a friend who is a developer working in LA . I don't know how to set up the "thing" . And also concerned about the legal aspect.


Without more information on your intention and the target market's use for the application, itself, the simple answer is "yes." Many digital products available for US consumers are developed/launched outside of the States.

Answered 6 years ago

Assuming your product is targeted for the US market, you can surely launch your product in the U.S. even though you are outside.

I am working with a couple of startups that have the core tech/leadership team that is international but still have a presence in US. They are seeing operational/financial benefits to the model in early stages of product/market development. As they are seeing traction, they intend to hire sales/BD functions here.

You are able to form your company, have a remote office and complete all the legal formalities even though you are outside the US. Happy to share detailed feedback over a call and help with your decision making.

Answered 6 years ago

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