How do I find the right tools/system/skillset to create the ideal customer experience for my fitness product/program?

I'm reworking the customer experience I want to create and hopefully getting rid of the current CRM we use as it is pricey and does not do everything I want it to. I have outlined the components I want a customer to experience and am looking for someone to help make this happen at a reasonable price. Most of what we are looking to do I believe can be done via wordpress plugins or google scripts as well.


I owned an SMB in the health & fitness space and spent several years running a SaaS/PaaS startup in the business productivity space. There are lots of WP developers out there, I'd start by looking at elance. Have you done mockups so the developer can accurately quote the work? It's worth a little design expense up front to make sure your vision is communicated clearly.

I'd also make very certain that an off the shelf solution won't work. Zenplanner and Mindbodyonline are two cloud-based CRM/studio management solutions tailored for fitness businesses, I assume you've ruled those out. There are many generic SaaS CRM solutions out there as well so I'd really make sure that the "ideal" experience is really that much better than "good enough". I used MBOnline and it was not perfect but it certainly didn't hold back my business.

I'd also recommend finding someone else in your space who has what you want for customer experience, and just ask what they use. Assuming they are not a competitor they will probably be forthcoming with the info.

Happy to jump on a call if you'd like to discuss further.

Answered 7 years ago

A good customer experience goes a long way in delighting your users, keeping them engaged and using your product. There are many off the shelf CRM products out there, depending on the core features/service offering of your fitness product you can pick the one that best suits your needs from capabilities and price.

In regard to improving the user experience you may need to focus on a few key areas while gathering insights to improve the product /UX - user feedback, quantitative/qualitative research, analytics and iterative design. Many off these tools can also be used to support a mobile user experience if that is also part of your product offering.

I have designed & launched full lifecycle products web & mobile - from concept to launch leveraging different platforms. I would be happy to get on a call & discuss your project so I can provide detailed direction

Answered 7 years ago

Congrats on your fitness program! We could all use a little more motivation to stay active and healthy.

I'd say that building the right customer experience is also about building an awesome experience for you as the business owner. Your customers will feel your happiness or frustrations so happy you = happy clients.

You mentioned CRMs so I'll address that here. There are options all over the board and I often find business owners purchasing programs and tools they just don't need. There are even CRM solutions you can choose that are free or integrate with your inbox for even easier functionality. I'm all about simplicity and choosing free and easy over expensive and complicated.

After spending over a decade working on customer experience in everything from opera to weddings to digital businesses, I've developed a method I call The Humanpreneur Experience. For as awesome as the digital world is, it's important to consider the human element when we deal with our customers. After all, these are people, not just PayPal accounts.

If you want to work through The Humanpreneur Experience with me, I'd be happy to hop on a call with you.

Answered 7 years ago

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