What are the entry barriers for C2C consulting like Clarity?

I am thinking about something similar to Clarity..professional C2C business consulting


For starters I don't think clarity was meant really as a C2C (customer to customer) consulting platform. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be only for experts in a topic to provide expert advice to non experts. Now we have a ton of non experts providing their opinions.
Some are great while some are just wrong or provide no real guidance.

With that said, this issue leads me to my response to you. With any consulting service what you need to focus on is validation from either your peers or clients you have successfully helped. I for example spent about 2 years building my reputation through local circles in Arizona, California and Texas by helping entrepreneurs, non profits and even coaches grow their businesses and in cases build them. Once your reputation is there you can begin crafting a brand for yourself. A logo is not a brand tho, neither is a website. But your name value. How much leverage does your name have in your local network?

For most consultants this is when they see their business really take off. If you're planning a third party platform like Clarity, where you don't do the coaching this would simply require a startup's take on growing it, marketing it, funding it, and most importantly building a community. Each of this would take significant effort in explaining or laying out for you so it would be best you give one of us a call or look for a local mentor that would meet with you on and off for guidance and to hold you responsible as you move forward.

Humberto Valle
Unthink Strategy

Answered 4 years ago

If I was going to start-up my own Clarity website, I would specialize. For ex. a legal website that's focused on that subject matter. When I promoted an attorney on the web I was able to get him from zero to $65,000 a month in billing in less than 4 months which usually takes 10 years. I knew nothing about law but a lot about selling and promoting so I would say whatever field you pick specialize and in time you could expand into everything but I certain wouldn't try to start out that way, hope this helps...Ken Queen

Answered 4 years ago

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