How do we improve the credibility of our company?

We have a B2B SAAS product. Customers love our product, but don't buy from us. (We don't come across as unlikeable people either). Our competitor has hundreds of customers, we just started few months back. How can we sell to big companies? How do we come across as credible? We are perhaps being perceived as two guys in a garage.


You need leverage.

The objection "you might not be around in awhile" is semi-valid but not a deal-killer. Something else was missed.

"So are you saying you would NEVER, under any circumstances, work with a company less than a year old?"

I'd go back to prospects who have turned you down and ask for open, honest feedback. Tell them it doesn't matter now, since they said no anyway, meaning it's not going to hurt your ego and you really want to know the real reason.

In future presentations, don't bring up the age of your firm.

Have a proven industry spokesperson endorse you.

Develop a ton of content that shows you are in the field, are known by other people in it, and are at the forefront of whatever it is you do.

And make sure your SaaS really does solve a HUGE problem for your market.

Why does your marketplace--not YOU--say they need it?

Remember that your customers survived to this point without it. Why should they change? There are many other sales process factors that we cannot see from the outside here.

Answered 5 years ago

I've growth hacked my way to creating multiple well-branded businesses that have credibility before our first sale was even made. I call it "social proof" and I can help you achieve that so you can confidently approach large customers without looking like the small guy. I'll give you actionable items to execute that will put you into the position to sell, so no one thinks you're working in a garage.

If our call is not effective, I'll refund your money. I'm harder on myself than you'll be. I will also coach you via email as much as you need - I love helping entrepreneurs.

Answered 5 years ago

Two of my favorite Mark Cuban lines:

"You have to crawl before you ball" and "Sales cure all."

Go after smaller clients that are easier wins. Deliver an excellent product and service, and collect testimonials. When you approach the bigger clients, your real target, you'll have the proof larger clients want to see (a long and growing client list and other people's words). Put in a little extra work and show some patience and you'll get there.

Answered 5 years ago

Its all about how you show up. Yes you are "likeable" but are you credible? There are so many factors to consider, here are a few to get you thinking:
>Are you positioning your product to the right customer?
>If so, is your pricing to high or too low?
>How does your product vary from your competitors/do you offer a higher level of service or quality?
>What VALUE do you bring to the table?
I can go on and on! The Direct Sales Industry is highly competitive these days. I consult with a few that are doing well and just under 3 years of business. But they're doing it right! Most of the times it is minor tweaks that will catapult you forward. Sorry to be so broad but hopefully this gets you thinking in the right direction. Would love to help further but need more details. Best of luck!

Answered 5 years ago

Don't worry about it if you are 2 guys in a garage companies want solutions not someone in an over priced office.

What is unique about what you will do for your customers that the competitors wouldn't or better yet can"t?

Who can you team up with that would put you above your competition? Don't worry if they will take 1/2 your income they will produce, pay them, 1/2 of something is better than all of nothing.

Call and let's brain storm this and see what can get you off the ground to some profits, maybe it's me that could do the job, thanks....Ken Queen

Answered 5 years ago

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