We launched our MVP this year, gotten around 200 users in 4 months. We average around 10 sign ups a week without any paid marketing. Our struggle right now is getting more users in and turning them into paid, before we our runway is up, which is really soon. We are in a really competitive industry, with lots of noise so getting the message out has been a challenge.

Pivot if you have persevered enough and failed to find the answer. Persevere if you feel there's still room for some learning. That might sound confusing and similar as a Chicken-Egg problem.

What you need is a shift in approach, thinking, and planning. Paid marketing isn't as costly as a failed venture. You need to narrow down your focus to one or two online mediums to market your product. Secondly, if I may ask, how much time per day does your team invests on any sort of marketing activity? I am talking about free marketing.

What different marketing initiatives you have taken till date, individually or collectively?

There could be various such questions to ponder over, the answer to which could be found only after knowing your past efforts.

Answered 7 years ago

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