We launched our MVP this year, gotten around 200 users in 4 months. We average around 10 sign ups a week without any paid marketing. Our struggle right now is getting more users in and turning them into paid, before we our runway is up, which is really soon. We are in a really competitive industry, with lots of noise so getting the message out has been a challenge.

Hi! Great question, sorry you've found yourself in this situation.
I'm a growth hacker, marketer and seria entrepreneur and I gotta tell you, this is very common. So common that the default answer is persevere.
The phase where you find yourself right now should actually be expected.
You are getting some traction, so assuming is not luck (you didn't seem to mention your market or service) it appears to me that you need to focus on just that- conversion rate. If you were tonpivot you would automatically find yourself in this exact situation with the current service; pivoting doesn't mean instant growth it just means you have found out a possible better adoption due to targeted servicing or aready existing demand from that other niche, which has to do with easier adoption :P

I hope this brings clarity to your thoughts, often times we already know what to do but ur Brian tricks us into wanting to look for validation of a seemingly easier route.

Humberto Valle

Answered 7 years ago

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