I have a brand new, mostly solo startup. The good news is that there is actually some momentum occurring - which means I need to start blogging under my own name, going to networking events and generally becoming the voice and face of my company. My startup is self funded & shoestring; I'm a regular person with kiddos and a mortgage, so must keep that day job. While my startup in no way competes with my day job (service, product-wise, and I never use company time to do the startup, obviously) - my boss would be happy at all about this situation. The boss might decide to do the exact same thing, as he has easy access to great developers. Any advice on publicizing while in stealth mode?

Thanks for your question.
If things go well the boss will find out anyway, so you may as well assume you will do well and have a conversation with him now. Now we don't know enough about your idea to really advise well enough, but in general I'd try and position it as a 'weekend hobby', and as something he/she shouldn't be worried about.

Also, I really wouldn't worry about the boss doing what you do just because they can. I'm guessing anyone connected with you on social media or networking events could do so too. People are way too busy with their own stuff to allocate enough time and resources to do what you do, nor are they as advanced in the business as you have been, given you've spent valuable time gaining key insights that they couldn't never gain from hacking a version of your business.
Hope this helps. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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