I've got so many ideas that are exciting, but I can't find the focus to pursue only one! Should I just pursue 2 or 3 simultaneously? If not, why?

People keep telling me that a trait of entrepreneurs is focus. But what if an entrepreneur can create and realize 2 or 3 ideas at the same time? Why wait to finish/fail 1 and then start the other?


If this is your first venture, I would definitely say just pick 1. Getting even one idea off the ground will take everything you have! IF you can pull of one first, you will be able to do more down the road for sure.

In the last 45 day, I've gone from $0-$12k revenue (most of it recurring monthly) offering digital marketing consulting. It took me a few months of crazy focus on getting traction, but now that I've starting bringing in revenue, I can think a bit more about if there are some other things I'd like to weave in.

Get after it, my friend! Shoot me a message if you need some help.

Answered 9 years ago

Focus is important in pursuing anything in life. It is possible to pursue more than 1 attempt, depending on how much energy and effort you would require to accomplish them. It is also very important to have support in what you pursue. If you happen to have a team to support you, to accomplish different responsibilities and work to reach the goals, it is highly possible to pursue more than 1 idea simultaneously.

Neverdelous, focusing on one thing at a time is never a waste of time. It gives you more awareness to all your attempts, hence you are more likely to see your direction more clearly.

Answered 9 years ago

If you can LEAD more than one project and delegate the DOING to others, then yes you can pursue more than one.

However, if it's just you, then I recommend pursuing only one. That way your energies are not diluted.

It is hard for most people to energetically build more than one business at a time.

Answered 9 years ago

It's not easy to chase two rabbits at the same time! Focus: "follow one course until successful"

Answered 9 years ago

While building a business is a commitment, it doesn't have to be permanent! Throughout my experience as an entrepreneur I've built numerous businesses. But, after a certain time I've moved to do something new and exciting. I urge you to be patient. You will likely have the opportunity to bring another idea to life, but each business is more likely to succeed if you are able to put your energy into developing one idea :)

Answered 9 years ago

If you done 10 things halfway, you've still done nothing. Focus on ONE project at a time. Within that project there will be many steps to keep you more than busy. Also, do not skip steps! A huge mistake that many entrepreneurs make is that they split their energy into too many projects, quickly feel way too overwhelmed and then eventually give up. If you want to succeed, do one thing all the way and do it right!

Answered 9 years ago

1. Find an idea (problem) that you are passionate about solving. Focus on 1 idea and bring it to life.

2. You are not an entrepreneur till you can take an idea and bring it to life. Regardless if you fail or succeed.

3. Execute on 1 idea and bring it to life. You will probably fail the first time and the true test is when you are knocked down who gets back up and does it again. The fight is what you need to have.

4. Generally you will have to execute number of times before something hits.

Speaking for myself I failed three times before something hit. If you want to chat hit me up.

Answered 9 years ago

I'm with Jeff. If you're not quite sure which idea to pursue filter it by 1) passion, 2) by the biggest problem that needs solving, 3) market timing.

Find a super fast way to test the above three, then choose. Once you start, it is practically impossible to "run" more than one idea as a startup.

Answered 9 years ago

I would advice you to select the best of your ideas and focus on that. Putting your focus on one idea can save you lot of things and makes the success rate high.

Answered 9 years ago

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