I've tried doing press releases in the past but my press releases never really get picked up by any media outlets. For people who have experience with press releases; what type fo strategy/method do you use to get your press releases more exposure?

Why are you adamant about press releases? They are by far the worst conversion rates {unless you're a household name like the post or fool} for businesses.

For our evens we do sometimes send out PRs but locally only and to those writers we know. Which is key.

Also making it easy for them to pick up. {copy and paste for them}

For growth hacking leverage cohort analysis, Twitter and Facebook. Create a meetup. Offer affiliates... Press releases are slow moving marketing steps that take away control from your business and gives it to an editor. Never lose control of your marketing.

Humberto Valle
Unthink Strategy

Answered 7 years ago

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