What resources can help for the underside of ADHD (difficulty following through, shiny-object-syndrome, sometimes lack of confidence, etc.)

I have had to deal with that problem with myself all my life. Your only hope is practicing concentration on one thing and one thing only. If you continue allowing your mind to wander you will reach a fraction of the potential that you could have reached. With your problem it tells me you have a brilliant mind but uncontrolled it will cause you to have a lot less in life than you where capable of. You need to write what's the one thing you need to do today and follow that only no matter what. And the carrot for your mind is it can have whatever it wants if it will focus for the day. You have to convince your mind that it's in it's best interest and it's true, it's logical. Once your mind really gets use to focusing in one direction this will cause you to make $500 in a day rather than $50 and then it can do whatever it wants with all the money it will co-operate.

Answered 5 years ago

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